Regnat Populus

Regnat Populus

Regnat populus is the official motto of the State of Arkansas. It means “The People Rule”.

Regnat Populus, a citizen’s group, was founded in 2011 in Little Rock, Arkansas by a group of individuals led by Paul Spencer, a high school History and Government teacher.  They were concerned over the lack of influence that actual citizens have in the modern American democratic process in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United decision.  Regnat Populus ran a ballot initiative campaign in 2012 to place an Arkansas campaign finance reform Initiative on the ballot.  Although not securing enough signatures in a limited amount of time to get their Initiated Act on the ballot for 2012, the next year, two state legislators worked with Paul Spencer and his partner, David Couch to craft a Constitutional Amendment during the 2013 Legislative Session.  HJR 1009 “The Arkansas Elected Officials Ethics, Transparency, and Financial Reform Act” will be placed before the voters of Arkansas in the general election of 2014.

Having this Ethics Amendment referred to the voters through the legislature has freed Regnat Populus to continue important work on the larger issue of just who controls the electoral process in our country.

Regnat Populus is now pleased to announce that it has now joined forces with Public Citizen’s “Democracy is for People” Campaign, Common Cause, and Free Speech for People. These important groups have been at the forefront of advancing democratic reforms in our country through efforts in both Montana and Colorado to limit corporate influence over elections.  Now it’s Arkansas’ turn.  Regnat Populus with these groups now stands ready to promote a new citizen-initiated act entitled “An Act to Restrict Corporate Spending to Influence Elections in Arkansas“ which will strengthen the Arkansas citizen’s voice in the electoral process and allow greater representation for natural persons in the “Natural State.”

This Act recognizes that corporations are artificial entities that are chartered by the State and as such, the State of Arkansas can regulate their actions to benefit her citizens.  Accordingly, this proposed change would prohibit all corporations doing business in Arkansas (whether chartered in the state or not) from making corporate political expenditures in Arkansas elections.  Corporations which do not comply with this law would no longer receive the privilege of limited liability protection provided by the state. It also calls for Arkansas’ federal, state and local officials to work with all the means at their disposal to call for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which makes clear that corporations are not people with constitutional rights and that Congress and the states can limit political spending and to also advance these beliefs as the new Policy of the State.

The very foundation of a democratic system that should represent the will of its citizens is at stake. In the aftermath of the Citizens United decision we have witnessed a hijacking of the electoral system by special interests through drowning the voices of American citizens in a sea of money. The cost of this coup has been the sacred trust of the American electorate in their very system of democracy. Our democratic electoral system is not a free market commodity that can be sold to the highest bidder.  But when the Supreme Court of the United States can no longer uphold this truth, it is time for citizens to take action.

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone.

The people themselves are its only safe depositories.”

Thomas Jefferson


Can you help us?  Either click the “Volunteer” tab above to sign up to help with the canvassing effort (we will need over 80,000 signatures) or Donate to the effort (below).  All donations go to directly support canvassing efforts to place this important Act before the voters of Arkansas in 2014.

Donations can be made through WePay:


Donations can also be mailed to:

Regnat Populus

P.O. Box 1087

Little Rock, AR 72203-1087.

We thank you for your support!

Donations to Ballot Question Committees are not tax deductible under Arkansas Law.

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